About Linda Mason

I am passionate about people and love creating work that people can immerse themselves in giving them an experience and reflection on life and the people around them. I started doing Artwork with Makeup and continue on in many of my works using that as the basis incorporating the experience of freestyle body painting my subject. This experience allows me to get to know my subjects on a different level, and permits me to incorporate photographic images into the acrylic paintings or just use the photography as inspiration for paintings.


My artistic experimentation began with makeup, using a freestyle approach with body paints, loose powders and pigments. Traveling from trying to perfect an image of a traditional fashion inspired beauty into an exploration to express an artistic vision.


This Freestyle approach continues through all aspects of my work. I begin with an idea or an inspiration from a person, plan things out loosely then I paint them, usually in daylight as I like the insecurity of not quite knowing what the light will be like and I find the subject more unguarded.